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{Wednesday, June 26, 2002}

What is this world coming to?

I can't help but to voice out at the outrageousness that is taking place in our society of late. And I can't really say of late, since when these charges surface, usually the deed took place years ago. But it seems to me that something tremendous and "final" is going to afflict mankind/earth.

For the past year {actually, since 9/11}, this thought has resurfaced so many times due to all that is afflicting the earth: natural disasters of the worst kind killing thousands of people, countries fighting against countries {over stupid shit such as land}, global warming {the causes/effects}, to the extent where Icebergs in the coldest parts of this world are melting, and the one that really pisses me off: those who are suppose to be "God's teachers": priests/pastors and other clergymen committing awful, unthinkable acts against children!!! This is what I want to talk about.

Now I don't find it surprising that men of "cloth" have the same desires as normal men do -- since they are human. And the way in which they err just goes to show that nobody is perfect/above reproach/innocent of wrongdoings, etc... But come on, when these desires begin to surface why isn't it easy for them to call out for help, like they expect their "congregation" to call out to them for help when we need it? And if they can't go this route, WHY THE HELL CAN'T THEY FORNICATE WITH ADULT WOMEN/MEN??? WHY CAN'T THEY GO SEE "ADULT PLEASURE PROVIDERS"? Why in God's name do they have to molest children? Don't they realize that this is a greater sin. And why can't these ASSHOLES of the "cloth" go see therapists? That's nothing to be ashamed of, and in so doing, you will X out the sinning part.

More than half of the people on earth are believers of a higher spirit. Some may not necessarily agree that this higher spirit goes by the name of GOD, but they do believe in something. And along with this belief they carry ideals of the way the world should be, how the people should act, and most importantly, what's right from wrong. I would say that even Athiests -- who don't believe in a higher spirit -- do also, hold certain ideals of certain people in the world. Now when these Priests/Pastor's/Clergymen begin to make their followers doubt them, what will become of the world as we now know it? If we can't trust the leaders of our church, then what are we to trust in? If our faith in the church begins to waver, then our personal faith and belief system will do the same. And when that happens, when we begin to see a grey line between right and wrong, then surely it will be a horrible time for mankind. If you have no faith, no belief, then you won't be able to distinguish what is good from bad. Then you will begin to discard all that you have been taught. And once that thought process takes over, you are pretty much screwed, screwed, screwed!!!

I just cannot understand how anyone can hurt a child in this manner? No, hurting a child in any manner is not justifieable, but to sexually abuse a child is just too horrible to put into words. How can an adult be so totally MAD??? Be so completely NUTS? Be so totally FUCKED-UP? I brand all men/women of the "cloth" who molest children as BASTARDS!!! They are no better than murderers. They too deserve to stay locked up in jail for years on end. No they didn't kill anyone, but 9 times out of 10, this act of molestation by someone that the child trusts kills something in the child's spirit. Something gets ripped from them, from their childhood, from their lives. And it takes alot of time and healing for them to get over such an ordeal, if they ever get over it. To have to keep such a secret in their small minds and hearts every day. And to keep seeing this person, this foulness, this fermented sinner in church must be constant torture. So yes, I adamantly believe that they deserve to be put away for 5-10 {I think 20 would be pushing it}, years if possible.

I hope we route out all these disgusting perverts, these portrayers of all that is good and holy, these bastards hiding behind God's sleeve, and make them pay for their sins. Punish them to the full extent of the law. Put them in jail and order all the prisoners TO RAPE THEM REPEADLY EVERY DAY OF THE TIME THEY SERVE!!!

That's all I have to say. Please do not construe this as my preaching or attempting to sway anyone towards my own personal opinion.

Please find below, the latest in this nastry ordeal. The funny {maybe not so funny}, thing about this case, is that the perpetrator is from out of town, way out of town! He "came a long way baby", to commit such a foul act. Now I hope that they will be checking into his actions from the area that he came from. There has got to be more children who were molested by him.

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{Wednesday, June 19, 2002}


I am taking my God-Children {Cory & Danielle} camping this weekend, along with their mom, Marcie. We are leaving by noon this Friday. It should be tons of fun, as long as I don't see any SNAKES or BEARS.

Some other good news. Me and Cleveland received back $270 from Liberty Travel, for the horrible vacation we had. They are also suppose to be calling me today, to discuss the 3-4 day weekend trip that they are gonna send us on, to make up for the 4 days that sucked at the Resort in Santo Domingo. I can't wait, even though I hope we don't have to fly there. I have flown more in 7 days than I have for the last 8-9 years. So, I prefer to wait till next year, when I have gotten up the courage again.

I had tried to remind myself to take a laxative when I got back from Santo Domingo, and I haven't yet. And now I am feeling it. I have been having cramps lately, and it's very hard for me to doodoo. So I definately need to take one. But since I am going away for the weekend, it seems that this won't be possible until I return on Sunday. I guess I will just have to bear it.

Another good news to report. I have officially returned to the gym. I am now with YWCA, and went to a grueling but GREAT step class yesterday. I was sweating like a pig for the first 30-40 minutes. But then I got cramps again, and had to leave the class and go doodoo. I was on the toilet seat at the gym for exactly 10 minutes before anything happened -- sheesh.

I saw my gurlfriend's {Melissa}, site yesterday and it looks great. It really makes me wanna get a site of my own. But I don't have nothing to tell the world dammit. I am just boring Sherine. Plus, this would mean that I would have to "get use" to maneuvering on the Web/PC. I hate the PC. And yes, I work on the PC all day at work. But I still hate it. I LUV ME SOME MACs!!! But she did a great job. Liz, my other gurlfriend {in this circle of 3}, has a great site also. And she did it all by herself. She is such a designer -- go gurl!!!

My beautiful docile Niece, Krystal, is docile no more. This little woman now has attitude swings -- just like her auntie. I swear she is a "minni-me". But she is still adorable and cute. And boy can she orate. You would think she is 4 years old, with the things that come out of her mouth. Not fresh things mind you, just sentences and responses to what adults around her say. I really think her parents need to get her into pictures though. She has such a little personality. When she doesn't want to do something she "growls", loudly too, like "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh". It cracks me and Grand-ma up. And boy can she sing. I will have pics soon of her. I luv her to peices.

Well, that's it for now. Will let yall know what happened with Liberty Travel. Have a great weekend, and try to stay dry.

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{Tuesday, June 04, 2002}

PLEASE BE ADVISE THAT THE FOLLOWING IS A SHORT STORY!!! So if you don't have time to read it all at once, come on back tomorrow, ya hear.

ok yall, here is how mine and my hunny pie's 1st "real" vacation together {in Santa Domingo} went...

Now the reasons why we chose the resort {Coral Costa Caribe Beach & Casino Resort -- 4 Stars mind you}, were: 1} I didn't want to go to Jamaica {my reasons don't pertaining to this so I won't get into it}, there was a special with the travel agent {Liberty Travel} and they also said it was a very "relaxing" resort, and lastly we didn't want to fly no more than 3.5 – 4 hours nor did we want to take any connecting flights dammit. I mean, for those who know me, you know that I am terrified of heights, henceforth flying is pure hell for me. I have to be asleep {drugs}, for flights, so how is my hunny pie gonna contend with carrying my lifeless {pun} body from one aircraft to another??? Regardless of how BIG and STRONG he is, and boy is he.... whewoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

So we were siked {for those who aren't up-to-date with slanguistics, this means excited} about the trip. We went shopping for some clothes and other personal wares, I put some color into my hair and had it styled. I sad my very sad goodbyes to family members, friends and co-workers beginning on Wednesday til Sunday evening. My mama made us a delicious dinner on Sunday before we left {thanx mama}. On Sunday night I tried my best to stay up very late, so that I could sleep on the plane {even though I had drugs--and please, don't nobody come to me with hands out--I am not a pusher, I don't pimp, sell, loan nor advertise drugs!!!}.

To aid in my sleeping on the plane, I stayed up and watched T.V. till after 2 a.m. on Monday morning. We needed to get up at 4 a.m. on the dot, so Cleveland set the alarm--so he thought--for the radio to come on and wake us up. Lo and behold at 4 a.m. on the dot I hear Cleveland's celly going off and I jumped up, looked at the clock {WHICH DID NOT GO OFF BECAUSE CLEVELAND DIDN'T SET IT RIGHT}, looked outside the window and saw his friend waiting for us. Mind you, Cleveland is still knocked out. Thank God we had bathed before we went to bed and ironed out outfits for the trip. I woke Cleveland, we got dressed and made the bed in less than 5 minutes, and by 4:07 we were out the door.

Got to the airport {with me already emoting signs of tension}, checked our luggage, and went and had "nasty McDonald's" breakfast before we got on the plane. I don't know about anybody else, but the breakfast stuff from McDonald's SUCKS big time--YUCK, BLARRRRRRRGH. Fake eggs and fake ham, etc. But give me a Big Mac, a 6-piece nugget and small fries any time. See, I am not a hater.

Got on the plane, got off the plane -- I swear that's all I can tell yall about the flight to Santa Domingo. The resort bus was waiting for us, and it was at this point that we ran into our first "nonsense" of the trip. We were warned ahead by a very good gurlfriend/co-worker of mine that people will try and rob you blind in Santa Domingo. She told us to not bring jewelry, don't travel with money and keep our eyes open for those unsavory sorts. Well, a man helped us with our bags, as he should for everyone getting on the bus. While me and Cleveland were sitting in the bus, we had 1 more couple with a little girl board the bus, helped by another "gentleman". Out of nowhere and with much cockiness to put a rooster to shame {while licking an ice pop}, the guy was asking for tips from everyone on the bus. And us, not realizing that he wasn't the guy who helped us and with some confusion gave him a tip. The bastard walked away with all that money, just like that. WE ALL GOT SUCKERED. I was so miffed, along with everyone else who he didn't help. Yellow-belly, rotten, no good Bastard!!!

The ride to the resort was about 20-30 minutes and uneventful. Got to the resort and was in such awe of the sheer beauty {scenery my dear people, scenery}. There were palm trees everywhere, and other funky tropical greenery. Checked in, got to our rooms and the first thing I noticed were the GOD AWFUL DRAPES AND "MATCHING" BED COMFORTER--UGH!!! We had a king size bed which was nice, cause -- you know... We had a "beach view". Wanna know what the beach view is: yes the beach was within direct view from our room, but you had to peer through palm trees to see the water. But no matter, that 'scenery' itself was nice. For those that know me, know how much I dislike shoes and will go barefoot the first chance I get. Well, when we got into the room that was exactly what I did. I immediately had to put my sandals back on since the floor was dirty with sand and other stuff. Of course the 2nd thing you check is the bathroom. Can you say DISGUSTED? The tub had {and still does after we left}, stains/streaks in it. As if they don't know about Tilex, etc. I immediately called to have it cleaned and to have the room swept. 30 minutes later we were still waiting. So I called again, and they quite "understand" what I meant by the tub being dirty. Then they sent someone to clean it about 1.5 hours later. This my dear friends is the gist of "room service".

So we were quite excited inspite of the above, so we went strolling around the resort to familiarize ourselves with everything, and we were quite pleased with it. We went to have lunch at their "Ambar Buffet", which pretty much is where you eat, morning, noon and night. But I divert...Buffet implies tumultous amounts of a variety of food, so we had our pick and sat at a table {which somewhat romantically, became "our spot" for all the meals that we ate there}. This was also nice since anywhere you sat gave you a view of the beach. Then we went down to the beach, and looked around a bit, dug our toes in the sand, you know, touristy stuff like that. The resort has 2 pools, 1 with a swim up bar which Cleveland luvved and a Jacuzzi {which he luvved even more to the point where he wanted to "do stuff" in it, but I bet you everybody else had the same thought and I am sure a few acted on it, so no thank you very much--you shouldn't "bathe" in other peoples "bath" water}.

And again for those that know me, know that I don't drink. Well Cleveland wasn't hearing that "excuse" while on vacation so yes, the secret is out--I had 1 or 2 drinks every day while there, however, and this is crucial so listen up...however, I had a quarter the amount of alcohol that they put in regular drinks. So even though I drank, it was in moderation. And Cleveland intended on having each and every drink that they advertised {except for the Banana Mama}. And he did too. We must say though that the alcohol at the resort was very mild -- to Cleveland anyway. The only thing that came close to pleasing him was the Vodka and Tonic that they served. While there he had about 10 different drinks. I only had 1 drink {no need to keep trying new ones for a virgin drinker}--Sex and the Beach. That's all I had, with very little alcohol. But I noticed something weird each time I got the drink, it kept getting stronger and stronger, so I have a feeling that a "certain somebody" spoke to the bartender. Trying to turn me into a lush like himself, but it's o.k., small potatoes in the scheme of things. Since he can't get me to drink up here in 'good old New York". And yes, the alcohol tasted as nasty as I knew it would. How can you people drink that stuff-- ugh.

So back to the story...where was I before the "alcohol" took over??? um, oh yeah, we went to see what kind of excursions we could do while there, and booked 2 events to do the next day. The first one a 2-hour bike tour {I was kinda petrified of the bike thinking that it would turn over, never mind that it's a 3 wheeler!}, and the next a water sport of the scariest kind--dear God. Now yall know that I am a chicken -- ooh, speaking of which I garnered a nick name while down there: "gagina" {sp?} -- since I am afraid of heights and water. The guys in charge of the water events "honored" me with this name which means "chicken". We also wanted to go on a Catamaran {me reluctantly of course}, trip that they had for the entire day, but for several reasons and just pure luck I guess, it didn't work out. We went back to room, and to our chagrin the tub was cleaned BUT IT STILL LOOKED THE SAME DAMMIT. So we gave up on that. We watched some T.V. until it was time for dinner wich was the Buffet bar again. I swear to yall, they had the same bread there for breakfast, lunch and dinner--no kidding. But I will leave the food for it's own paragraph. Then at 9pm on the dot we heard loud music, so we went to investigate and it seems that a show was going on, performed by "The Chocolate Friends".

This was probably the best or 2nd best part of our trip, it's a tie between the nightly shows and the pool!!! No kidding. That was our enjoyment, what we looked forward to every day after the 3rd day there. Anyways, the show was great. A lot of fun and creativity, not to mention a very talanted group of people. So suffice it to say that at 9pm on the dot every night {monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday}, there was loud music followed by the show, which usually lasted for about 1 to 1.5 hours. They have a huge stage right next to the resort. The performers were great people, especially the leader of the group whose name is "Wepa". This guy is hilarious I tell you. Me, cleveland and him become friends immediately. Cleveland was also enchanted with one of the female dancers from the group {Jennifer}. She does Aerobics and other physical activities for the group, so you can just imagine how in shape she was. We found out that she was moving to the states in 4 months and guess which borough she is moving to: THA BOOGIE DOWN BABEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

All the shows The Chocolate Friends put on were just great. And they even had a pre-show for the children that were there. And people got to be in the shows in 2 ways: 1 is that throughout the day they have little games like Dart, Volleyball on the beach or in the pool, and if you won then you got to be in the show that same night. Now this was really cool what they had you do. It would mostly be a couple thing, and you would have to do weird things like: the woman would be standing on 1 end of the stage with a roll of toilet paper between her legs, her man would be at the other end blind-folded with a piece of stick between his legs. the man is then turned around for about 3 times to confuse him, wherein the female began to directo him to her. the end result is him inserting the stick into the roll of toilet paper between the woman's legs--need I say more for excitment. And there was another variation where the woman was sitting in a chair with a small bowl in her lap, and the man had a water bottle with a small hole poked in the cap and he had to walk to her and "pee in her pan"! Most of them a male and female from The Chocolate Friends would act out the scenario first, then the couples would have to re-enact it exactly. And of course, the best couple won a certificate and a t-shirt or a hat. So I bet yall are wondering if I won anything while there. Well, applause, applause please. The 2nd night they had contests on the beach: dancing contests, singing contests and language contests. Well they were looking for non-spanish speaking individuals, and of course I got picked along with another woman. And by the way 50-75% of the people at the resort were European. Lotsa French, English & Danish. Me and Cleveland get tickled pink when we here French being spoken.

Anyway, we had to repeat exactly what host said in Spanish. Since "yo se un pokito espanol", already, I won easily. And I got a certificate saying as such--for those that may doubt me. And on Sunday me and Cleveland along with 8 other individuals participated in a game of Darts, and me and Cleveland won hands down babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee--WE AIN'T NO JOKE, YA HEARD!!! In winning the game, we were to participate in the nights performance, which I was so dreading because I don't like being stared at by so many people--which brings us right back to me being a 'gagina {sp}". BUT THANK GOD BASKETBALL WAS ON {I still didn't get into the part about the T.V. yet}. DAMN KINGS MAN--sheesh. They had so many opportunities and came so damn close to shutting up them damn Lakers. But by the time the game was over, we had missed that part of the show. But on the sneaky tip, our room overlooks the stage so we can see everything. I kept going out on the patio to sneak peeks at the show and at one point I realized that they were looking for me and Cleveland to participate, and I didn't tell Cleveland, tee hee. Not that it would have mattered anyway, a fire couldn't have pulled him away from that Basketball game. So all in all, the entertainment was probably the best part of the trip.

Now unto the T.V. issue!!! Have you ever dropped a bowl of uncooked rice. Picture that on the T.V. That's all we saw. On every channel--AND NO DAMN REMOTE CONTROL!!! So we called to have this fixed the 2nd night we were there, nothing happened for about 1 hour so we called back, then we went to dinner and on our way back to the room, went to the front desk to "discuss" the problem. The electrician came back to the room with us and smacked the T.V. a couple of times, telling us that he will have to come back in the morning to fix it. When we came back from dinner the next day, there was LESS RICE ON THE T.V. That was the extent of the fixing. We are still looking for that remote control. And there was ants in the room day-in and day-out. Little microscopic {yes I know that's redundant}, creatures. Ooooooh, I forgot to mention that the 1st 2 nights at the resort, there were power outtages where the entire place went black and everything stopped, but it came back up within 10 seconds. But the scary thing is the 1st time it happend which is our 1st night there, it was probably after 11 or 12am and we were sleeping. I jumped up out of my sleep because of it. And I was asleep, now tell me how intune I must be to jump out of my sleep when everything went black and the music stopped, in a foreign country, with foreign people, with a T.V. that welcomes us with rice grains, with a stained bathtub, with cigarette holes in the comforter, with stains on the pillows and with "little microscopic creatures called ants??? They have good back-up generators though.

On the 3rd day after seeing everybody {men and woman}, getting their hair done in cornrows and beads I decided to get it down also. It looked nice and you will see pics soon. It made it easy for me because I didn't have to worry about getting it wet in the pool/beach. Not that my head went underwater that often, but that's another paragraph too. Now we had seen men/teenage boys with about as much hair as Enrique Iglesias has, and the next day they had long cornrows {maybe 2-8}, complete with beads. I had to figure this out. So as I was sitting and getting my hair done I saw how this was possible. The people who did the hair had fake hair {weave for us African American folks}, and they would either tie it or just cornrow it right into you hair {depending on how much you had}. I was laughing my ass off mind you.

So here are Sherine's feats of Bravery during the trip. I went on this mind-blowing, pants-wetting water thingy. It had 2 holes for your's and your partner's butts and you just sit in it {like a donut}, and hang on to the hand grips with your legs sticking out. Then this very fast boat which is attached to the thingy by a cord/wire takes off like a bat outta hell, and drags my screaming ass up and down the beach for supposedly 20 minutes. I last less than 10. Of course Cleveland was pissed since he had to cut it short, but I was scared shitless. But I survived for about 7 minutes so I am proud of myself dammit, as yall should be. Never mind that the beach water only came up to just about my chest. The pool was deeper than the beach, even at the cut-off point in the water it was very shallow--which pissed Cleveland off even more. But do you know what really got him going, the beach was all sea-weed. He was so disgusted, as were a lot of people. And one other nasty thing that we noticed: the guys that sell you things on the beach like wrap skirts, shirts, sea shells, lobsters...we saw they scaling the fish in the beach water after they caught it. AND SPEAKING OF SEAFOOD, can you believe that there was NONE!!! No shrimps, no scallups, no shrimps. The only time there was Lobster was on Saturday night, when they were gonna have a grill on the Beach, but you had to pay $34.00 for it--WHAT THE HELL? I THOUGHT THIS WAS AN ALL INCLUSIVE TRIP. I already paid for my meals dammit.

Anyway back to my bravery... I also went on the 3-wheeler bike that Cleveland was trying to give me a heart attack on. He got so excited with it that he kept standing up while we were going like 40-50 miles per hour {well I exaggerate, but nevertheless, it felt like we were going pretty fast}. He kept trying to do "wheelies". And I went on this paddle boat thing. The 1st time I was petrified, so like 10-15 minutes into it I had a very angry Cleveland take us back to shore. Sorry hunny pie. And it was during this 2nd day of activity that we got burned, because we were so excited that we forgot to put on the oil. But we got great tans -- I did anyway, Cleveland is already tanned. I am already peeling as I write these lines. And my last fete of bravery--I JUMPED INTO THE POOL!!! Holy Mother of God, I JUMPED INTO A POOL... Of course it took me about 5 minutes to jump with Cleveland shouting at me...I was like a kid jumping into the pool for the 1st time. You know how you do "on your mark, get set, but you can't quite get to GO"??? That was me, and people were looking at me and laughing everytime I would attempt to GO. Dear God I was petrified. And it was a horrible experience--as I expected it to be--but I did it. The pool water came up to just about under my neck--so it was so very hard for me to do that. And I got the same feeling as when I tried to put my head under water before. It just got very loud and I couldn't breathe--YES I KNOW, HOW CAN YOU BREATHE UNDER WATER--and I didn't open my eyes, I couldn't, I had to get back to the top. I didn't jump again though--all that terror came flooding back to me. This is why I will never learn how to swim. I can't get over that feeling of "wrongness" being under water. It's so bad that when I go to the haird-dresser, while washing my hair they have to put cotton balls in my ears, other wise I will start screaming and thrashing about. And I still don't get the part about how we float. I swear I saw people floating left to right, I saw kids run and jump head long into the pool, and I saw Cleveland float, I saw him dive, I saw him do handstands on the bottom of the pool, I saw him swim under water, but it terrifies me still. What to do--someone suggested hypnosis...something to think about I guess--NOT!!! I don't know how to get over water rushing into my ears, my nose, my eyes and that awful roaring that I hear while under water. Any and all suggestions are welcome. So that was it, the trip wasn't a total bust. I drank {hee hee}, I went bike riding at very fast speeds, I went out into semi-deep water and I jumped into a pool.

So the 1st 3 days of our trip was great, the food was great, we had things to do: beach, pool, water excursions, pool/beach aerobics. Then the 4th day came, and we didn't know what to do differently that day. That's because there was "NOTHING" to do differently that day. And it was around this time that we realized that we kept eating the same food every single day, and this was when we started to frequent the bathroom too. Us and the bathroom were on a 1st name basis dammit. Of course, the door had to be kept shut after Cleveland visited--ugh. Me, I deficate daintily thank you very much... No comments please. So we got bored, had diarrhea and I got fierce stomach cramps--lawd-a-mercy!!! So Thursday afternoon we called our Travel Agent wanting to come home--quick. She checked for connecting & stand-by flights, which we didn't want any part of. And she called us and and said the only thing they had was standby. So we decided to bite the bullet and hang tough. We agreed that "we could do it"! Even though by the time Friday, Saturday & Sunday rolled around, we were pulling our hair out {well I was anyway, ya'll know Cleveland has a chrome dome}. We were bored stiff, and I wasn't eating at all. We pretty much stayed in the "ants-invested" room during the day, and went to the shows at night. THANK GOD FOR THE LAKERS/KINGS GAMES--they helped, even though the Kings CHOKED. I swear it was like watching a KNICKS game {sorry Cleveland}. But we toughed it out, until Monday morning came. Sunday night we bought some souvenirs, wasn't a big selection. And because of this, I couldn't bring back stuff for people that I wanted to--sorry yall. Cleveland didn't care one way or the other. He bought 3 key chains and 2 t-shirts--that was the extent of his shopping.

We had no idea what was in store for us when we woke up on Monday morning, thinking that we were gonna leave the resort at 3pm to catch our 6:19 flight back home to SWEET NEW YORK. We went to breakfast {I had tea & juice again}, walked around a bit and went back to the room around 11:15. There was a message on our phone--which we both thought was weird. So I listen to the message and it was my Sister-in-Law, Star {Krystal's mother), calling to say that my sister, La Verne {who works for American Airlines}, called and said that OUR FLIGHT BACK TO NEW YORK WAS CANCELLED! What, I immediately started to panic inside. The message was kind of warbled, so I didn't quite hear what she said, but I heard clearly, FLIGHT, CANCELLED, CALL TRAVEL AGENCY...... I immediately called the travel agent at Liberty Travel, and the woman {Barbara} that booked our vacation wasn't in that day, so I had the receptionist PULL THE DAMN MANAGER out of a meeting. Meeting My Ass--get me home now. We told him that we weren't sure, but could he check our flight back, and the 1st thing he said to me was: did you miss your flight this morning? With my blood boiling and my hand clenching the phone, I calmly told him that our flight was at 6:19 that evening. He said no, your flight was at 7:15 this morning. Blood boiling, hand clenching, eyes drawn into slits, fire beginning to flare from my now widened nostrils, with my voice raised just a "tad", I corrected him again. He didn't understand what was going on, so he checked the computer files and saw that we had attempted to come back to SWEET NEW YORK early.

So he hung up with us to call the woman {Barbara}, at home. He had to call us back, since making a direct call was costing us $1.00 per minute, and we couldn't call them collect, even though they said we could and we tried. But the operator in Santo Domingo "wouldn't" let the call go through. He called back with the nice little tidbit of information: it seems that when Barbara was checking to see if we could come back early, she put our names in the system for a connecting flight, just in case we decided to go that route. But since we decided to stick it out since there were no direct flights, she went back in the system to delete it. BUT SHE DELETED THE WRONG RESERVATION!!! She deleted our original reservation. Boy, that's when me and Cleveland started getting really angry. Because all that was in our minds was that we weren't coming back home to SWEET NEW YORK. And we wanted to come home in the worst way. And I began to raise my voice at the manager for Liberty Travel now. He said that I was suppose to call American Airlines--where I immediately cut him off to relate to him how much it cost to make a call from there. So he said he would call back, he would see what he could do. He called back in 10 minutes, to say that the only way for us to get home on that Monday was to take a flight that was stopping in Miami for 2 hours, then landing in Neward {everybody knows how Newark airport is!}. There was no other flights that day. And we sure as hell were not gonna stay in that resort for another day. And the flight was leaving at 3:05 that afternoon, mind you it was by now 11:45. So we acquiesced to the situation and decided to take that flight. Mind you, this now means that I can't take my drugs, since we have to get off the plane, go through customs and get back on the plane---sheesh. So we called the bus that takes us back to the airport and they said that we must be ready by 12:10 to make it on time, since the trip is about 30 minutes long--BUT IT'S REALLY 45 IF WHEN YOU GET HALF WAY THERE, THERE IS A RIOT ON THE ROAD AND PEOPLE ARE CHASING VEHICLES AND ROBBING PEOPLE!!! Does anyone understand the emotions that me and Cleveland are going through at this moment of our trip? The bus had to turn around and go all the way back and go another route.

There was another couple on the bus from another resort, and we became bus/plane buddies for lack of a better phrase. We swapped horror stories, checked our luggage and decided to get something to eat at Wendy's--REAL FOOD, THANK GOD!!! But before I went to Wendy's I had diarrhea again, and let me tell you--and this is not for the faint of heart. My doodoo was BLACK!!! Do you hear me people, BLACK AS TAR, BLACK AS MIDNIGHT, BLACK AS A MAGIC MARKER, BLACK AS WESLEY SNIPES!!! B.L.A.C.K. It scared the "shit" out of me, literally. Cleveland told me not to worry about it. But I couldn't stop thinking about it. So, I only had a cup of tea and nuggets from Wendy's. And I couldn't stop thinking about my doodoo -- lawd-a-mercy.

The plane rides were uneventful, except for my hypertension from not being able to sleep. But Cleveland said that I did good, and was very proud of me. But I was restless like a "damn dry leaf in a tornado". I couldn't fine a comfort zone {hey, wasn't that a song back in the 80's?}. And because of this, I had terrible neck/back aches on Tuesday/Wednesday. But the aches are gone, I just today for the first time in 1 week and 1 day {I counted them}, had a full lunch. Since last Thursday, all I was ingesting was toast and tea. Then night before last, my mommy {dear wonderful woman}, made me cup a soup and toasted potato bread {my favorite bread}. The stomach cramps are less frequent now, maybe 2 tops per day. And the diarrhea is completely gone--THANK GOD. And my doodoo is back to normal -- it's usual "furniture brown" color. And we are peeling like krazee. But we are soooooooooo very glad to be back in SWEET NEW YORK.

The only reason the resort got boring was because we were there for 8 days/7 nights. If you ever decide to go there, limit your stay to about 3 days -- NO MAS POR FAVOR!!! Because you can enjoy yourself in 3 days, then go home. You will do everything there is to do in 3 days. You won't get bored with the resort or it's food, as long as you don't stay longer than 3-4 days.

But please, bring some Imodium A-D/Pepto Bismal with you. Bring your own iron, not to mention cleaning supplies. And Ants repellant. And if you do get down to Coral Costa Caribe, please say "Hola" to WEPA for me and Mr. C.

Please pardon any/all writing errors in this literary piece, as I was reliving the experience at the tap of each button on the keyboard. I hope you enjoyed the writing. I can be hired, if you need to have an experience relayed in similar fashion. Pardon all my "off-colored" if not "slangy" expressions. And if I offended anyone, then--SUCK IT UP!!! {right Cleveland?}

Tata for now--I gotta go home and go to Red Lobster with my Man and Brother & his wife. Did yall hear about the JUMBO succulent ALL YOU CAN EAT Scrimps combination? We didn't eat any Sea Food in Santo Domingo, so we plan on making up for it tonite.
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{Thursday, May 23, 2002}

Word of the day: perturbation {synonyms: scared shitless, afraid all over, anxious as hell}
I will be flying this coming Monday, May 27th, for the first time in over 9 years and suffice it to say "I'm PETROFIED"... But I guess all is o.k., since I got me some drugs {a kind of valium from my doctor}, to take on the plane. I will be knocked out coming and going--THANK GOD!!!

So I will divulge all the experiences that me and my hunny pie {Mr. C} had during our trip to Santo Domingo!!!

Tata for now...
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{Tuesday, May 21, 2002}

Happy Birthday Sherine!

Now you have a web journal too!

Lots of love,
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